Web Project 4: Many Android owners plan to exodus to the iPhone (study)

As I myself have switched from an Android phone to an iPhone, I find that many other people are planning to jump the same ship.  In a study of 600 smartphone users (the majority being Android and iPhone), of the 40% of Android users 22% stated they would be switching to an iPhone in the next 6 months, while 73% said they would stick with the Android. of the 23% of iPhone users, just 9% planned to switch to an Android, while a whopping 87% were sticking with the iPhone.  In the study, 73% of people owned a smartphone, with 40% owning an Android and 23% own an iPhone. It may look like the Android has a huge advantage over the iPhone, but Android is public technology and is made by a variety of companies (Samsung, Motorola, HTC,etc), while the iPhone is strictly Apple.

In conclusion, the result of this study shows that Android users are 2.4 more times likely to switch to the iPhone than vice versa.  Currently the market has Android on top with 54% of the market share in the smartphone industry, while the iPhone is holding it down at 31%. However, in the next 6 months, Android market share of the industry is expected to drop to 49%, while the iPhone is expected to rise to 39% of the market. More information can be found at http://www.zdnet.com/many-android-owners-plan-exodus-to-the-iphone-survey-7000004774/


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