Web Research Project 9

A main question concerning Dell, as we speak- and as their 3rd quarter revenue is expected to drop 40 cents a share, is if the new servers they currently have in development can offset the malice in their PCs as of late.  Dell is currently in the process of upgrading a much more reliable server, effectively competing against the likes of HP and IBM. However, it isn’t all bleak news at Dell headquarters; their revenue involving their upgraded servers is expected to be 12% higher than at this point one year ago, and will continue to climb as they upgrade the server, even in the midst of most consumers opting for laptop computers over PCs, a strategy Dell is going to have to adapt to, seeing as most of their revenue and focus has traditionally been on PCs.  I am a Sony VAIO guy myself, and have had no problems with it (minus the fact my first one got stolen), but this article relates to the first objective in the VT textbook, mainly the last two pages of it that focus on servers.  Anyone that is biased or appreciates Dell products and their genuine affordability can enjoy this article, as well as those who have heard that one of Dell’s Stampede based systems recently cracked the Top 500 among the newly published Supercomputer Rankings compiled by the University of Texas Advanced Computing Center.


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